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Pset Buddy Form for 6.0002

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1) Buddy System

The pset buddy system was introduced to encourage collaboration and student interaction during the time that the class is virtual. Each week, you can choose to be assigned a buddy to work on the pset with. Pairings are matched based on timezone, experience level and class year, and you will be assigned a different person each week. You and your buddy are allowed to submit identical code without penalisation, however code does not have to be identical. You may opt to have a buddy or not per pset, and may change your decision on this page any time up until 9pm the day before the pset is released, when the form will close.

Pairings will be visible at the top of each pset page, and an email will be sent linking you together on the morning of the pset release. If your buddy is still unresponsive after 2 days, email 6.00-buddies@mit.edu and start the pset by yourself.

Please use this form to opt in/out throughout the semester. If you sign up for a buddy, you must fill out the background information.

If you drop the class, please update all your preferences to 'no'. Stellar is slow sometimes, and we don't want to assign you as someone's buddy if you're no longer in the class!

Remember to hit submit on the preference options!

General tips for collaboration:

  • Set up an initial zoom call to discuss the concepts and decide on an approach
  • 2-person screen sharing over zoom to code in parallel
  • Google docs to work on the same code file
  • Do not simply copy code, or rush through if you work faster than your buddy. Be patient, teach each other and enjoy having someone to work with!
  • Make contact early, even if you decide to work on the pset at a later date. That way everyone can plan their psetting for the week.
  • Do not wait until the day before the due date to start the pset if your buddy is unresponsive. In general, if you have not made contact with your pset buddy 2 days after the pset release, email 6.00-buddies@mit.edu and start the pset by yoursef. You can always collaborate later if they respond!`

Email 6.00-buddies@mit.edu with any questions or concerns!

2) Matching Information

Note: You must fill out all of the following information questions in order to be assigned a buddy. Even if you filled it out for 6.0001, please do so again for 6.0002.

What is your Grade Level?
Graduate Student/Other

Approximate Lines of Code written prior to 6.0001, or prior to 6.0002 if you did not take 6.0001 this semester.

Prior Programming Experience?
AP Computer Science
Online coding course (code academy, etc.)
Programming Experience in language other than Python
Programming Experience in Python
Watched or Participated in Programming course in OCW or edX
College course using programming language other than Python
College course using Python

3) Buddy Preferences

Please make sure you've filled out the matching information if you are signing up for a buddy! Changes are finalised at 9pm the night before the pset is released.

Make sure you hit the 'submit' button to save your choice!

Buddy Options for PSet1. Do you want a buddy?

Buddy Options for PSet2. Do you want a buddy?

Buddy Options for PSet3. Do you want a buddy?

Buddy Options for PSet4. Do you want a buddy?

Buddy Options for PSet5. Do you want a buddy?